Sustainability and Enviroment

Energy Efficient

Porcelain Tile can reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and
cooling because of its exceptional thermal mass. This helps moderate
temperature swings in your home which means less work for your HVAC
system and more energy savings for you.


Floor Heat Friendly

Unlike many other flooring materials, being porcelain tile inert,
it is ideal to be used with the most modern applications of floor heating
and cooling systems without causing any damage to the porcelain tile flooring.



Porcelain tile is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available.
From the production process to the installed tiles, porcelain tiles can in
fact be reused generation after generation. In addition, packaging and boxing
are both 100% recyclable for a full respect of the environment.


Plastic Free

Being composed of natural ingredients such as clays, quartz and feldspars
and then fired up to 2500 F, porcelain tile is 100% plastic free.
This means a healthier living environment.